Integrated Security Solution for school

We provide integrated security solution for schools combines various technologies and systems to provide comprehensive security and safety measures. This solution typically includes the following components:

This system regulates who can enter the school premises by using keycards, biometric scanners, or other authentication methods. It can also track entry and exit times for staff and visitors.

Video cameras placed strategically around the school campus and in school bus monitor activities in real-time. They can deter vandalism, theft, and other criminal activities and provide evidence in case of incidents.

This system includes sensors on doors, windows, and other entry points to detect unauthorized access or break-ins. It can trigger alarms and alert security personnel.
Panic buttons placed in classrooms, offices, and other areas allow individuals to quickly alert authorities in case of emergencies such as intruders, medical incidents, or other threats.
These systems allow for quick communication with staff and students during emergencies. They can broadcast messages, provide instructions, and facilitate two-way communication.
A comprehensive plan that outlines procedures for various emergencies, such as active shooters, fires, natural disasters, and medical emergencies. This plan should be regularly reviewed and practiced.

These systems should be integrated into a central monitoring station, allowing security personnel to monitor all systems in real-time and respond quickly to incidents.

To book the classrooms for teaching and other activities, the users just simply click out the corresponding date and time via software and get approval by pressing a hand or finger to a scanner. This proven and recognized biometric procedure ensures that the person is authorised and has a right to book a room