$300 rebate for home or business security system purchases or upgrades in Manitoba

The Manitoba province is providing new funding to support families and businesses in combating crime, which is welcome news for those considering installing security cameras. While the amount may be modest, it serves as an incentive for residents to invest in these devices to enhance safety and deter potential threats.

In a recent incident at a local church in Pembina Valley, where an intoxicated individual disrupted a mid-week evening service, He just walked in while the  Pastor was taking the message and started yelling and walking toward the altar, it could possibly have been a much more dangerous and notorious person; these highlights the importance of such measures for situational awareness.

These concerns have prompted action at the Manitoba Legislature, with the 2024 budget fulfilling an NDP campaign promise by introducing a $300 rebate for home or business security system purchases or upgrades. Premier Wab Kinew explained that this credit entails saving the receipt for the security device and receiving a $300 check upon submission. While this rebate may not cover a comprehensive security camera setup, it enables everyone to afford at least a Wi-Fi camera for their home. Take advantage of this opportunity and ensure your safety today. For more information here .

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  • Reply Denis Dandeneau - April 15, 2024

    Please send me an application form or what is nessessary from the province to receive a $ 300.00 rebate

  • Reply Rebecca - April 16, 2024

    How do I apply

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